Monday, September 29, 2008

Grandma? Grandpa?

One of the first things that was asked was what do you want to be called? Good question. I have never been asked that before. My parents named me and that is what I was called. I was labeled with a nickname when one of my nieces couldn't pronounce my name. I was labeled with another nickname years later when a neighbor's child couldn't pronounce my name. When Nathan was born I became Mom. Now I have a choice! This child will have me and Stacy's mom and Jerry's wife to differentiate between. Should we become Grandma Helen, Grandma Pat and Grandma Chris?

My friend Sandy was called Grammy by her grandchildren and I loved that, but that was her. I'm not sure I am a Grammy. I know grandmothers who use their ethnic background (Tita and Noni) but I'm not sure what the Norwegian word for grandmother is. A friend's mother is called Darcy because her name is Dorothy and that is the way her first grandchild said her name. I'm not sure I want to leave this one up for grabs - I could be HaHa all over again.

David is set with being Tito, but I did not know. I have a few months to come up with something.


Anonymous said...

This is very exciting. I can't wait to read more!

Kat said...

Hi Helen,

I didn't know we got to choose what our Grandchildren call us. When I was told about Alan, I was told that because of all the grandmothers (great & great-great) that I would be called Granny. I wasn't sure how I felt about that, but once I heard Alan (who I call Dude) call me Granny I knew that's who I am. Kat