Sunday, November 16, 2008

First Gifts

Carrie and Katja have been best friends forever, so Carrie told Katja about becoming an auntie and Katja told her stepmom, Ruthie and Ruthie sent these adorable booties and cap. (There is one more surprise for later).

The proud auntie giving the gift to Stacy!


Anonymous said...

What fun and soooo cute! Marilyn

Anonymous said...

Ruthie-mom is what I call her. She's Katja's step-mom and I could not resist asking if she would adopt me too. She has a business called "booties by Ruthie" and as you can see, she is very talented and kind. She has made a blanket too, which we will give to Stacy at her baby shower. My favorite are the mint green booties...FABULOUS!
Carrie Lynn Espinosa