Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morning Glories

I love Morning Glories. They are one of my favorite flowers. They remind me of the refrain in the hymn "morning by morning new mercies I see". The bloom only lasts a day, but new ones appear the next day. The flowers on my arch are not doing well this year because of the shade from my neighbor's tree. I have already decided to move this arch to another part of the yard next year and plant something shade loving in this corner.

This deep purple is probably my favorite color of Morning Glories.

The first year we were at this house, a volunteer Morning Glory popped up in my planter and I left it because we had very few plants that year. It climbs up bamboo stake until it reaches the light, then it wraps around and around the light. I have to train the tendrils as they keep trying to grow inside the garage.

I planted seeds for blue flowers this year, but have yet to see a blue bloom. The pink are pretty also, but I had wanted blue to go with the orange and yellow nasturtiums in the planter.


Anonymous said...

So beautiful. I'm currently hanging out in your backyard right now and I can't get over how pretty all the flowers and plants are. The chop and I played with thee hose.


Tito said...

Beautiful Flowers
Great Photos