Wednesday, September 23, 2009


He is a little comic. He has this new face he makes with sound effects. We laugh and laugh. The more we laugh, the more he makes the face.


His Doorkeeper said...

Kaiden is a doll! Don't you love how they change from WEEK to WEEK now?? I can't believe how fast the first year is going by! My hubs and I have decided that if we had know grandbabies were going to be this great, we should have had one years ago!!!!

Bet you feel the same!!

Tonja said...

What an adorable face. It is so funny when they know they are entertaining you...and they are getting as big a kick out of as you are!

Kat said...

He is adorable!

Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and your visits, even when I'm MIA which has been quite often lately. I can't seem to stay organizied, but that's life is full, right?