Monday, October 19, 2009

My Day With Gram

I spent the day with Gram

I helped her with Farmville I played with my favorite toy

I helped with the laundry

I had lunch

I helped wrap Dad's birthday present, but I was having so much fun with the box, Gram found another one - one she didn't have to wrap and we all know she would rather find a box she only has to tie a bow around

I promised not to tell what it is

I watched her pack to go to Great-Tito's funeral (she will be back before you read this). I think she is sad - I tried to look cute to make her feel better

We were hungry - we needed a snack - a little help Gram

We sat and talked and cuddled until Mommy came to get me. I think it made Gram feel better.


grammy said...

Hope that cuddling helped you feel better (o: He is such a cutie. Sounds like you like to wrap as much as I do(o: Have a good day and hope those sad feelings go away soon.

Tonja said...

A precious day with a precious baby!