Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Present

We had Christmas Eve dinner at Nathan and Stacy's.
Kaiden is showing me all the ornaments.

After the candlelight service at church, Kaiden had to make sure the candle was blown out!

Christmas brunch at our house, stocking stuffer game and gifts. I think the toothbrush was his favorite! It was a good Christmas.


Tonja said...

Oh how fun it must have been for you to have him around at Christmas! I think seeing things through his eyes makes it even more special. My grand Nephew, JT, was at our house almost all day. It was so much fun! Cute pic with the toothbrush!

grammy said...

So sweet... sounds like a delightful time indeed. At our get together with extended family...the great nephew that age played with a small box and a dog chain. Putting it in and taking it out for an hour (o: