Sunday, January 9, 2011


I want to remember:

This face - the one you get when you ask him to smile and show his teeth.

The fun we had at the store after we rounded the corner and saw Kaiden with Mom and Dad. We kidnapped him while they finished their shopping. He loved riding the electric cart with Tito and running down the aisles saying "gonna get you" and dancing with sheer joy in the toy aisle.

The way he hits his fist on the table and says "I boss". This one comes from my Dad, he always would hit the table and say I'm boss to us kids and the grandkids. I, of course, had to pass the tradition.

The way he insists it is "My Tito" and the more you say "My Tito" back to him, the more he laughs when he says it.

The way he gets so excited after he counts to 10 and yells "Yeah".

Taking his shoes and socks off and putting his socks on his hands - because Tito did it once.

The way he says " I did it!" when he accomplishes something.

The way he says Happy! when it is time to pray and finishes with Amen!

And of course the way he says Gram - he draws it out like it has 3 or 4 a's - Graaaam.


grammy said...

So sweet(o:
isn't it funny how we can have fun with them at the store and the parents...not so much.
I will confess...I don't have that much fun if I have all 4 girls at a store....yikes

Tonja said...

What a wonderful post! A delightful picture of all he is! I bet he'll like laughing at this post when he is in college! It sure makes me wish for the next 4 months to hurry on by!