Monday, March 21, 2011


Tito found this playhouse at a thrift store, brought it home and personalized it for Kaiden.  One side is a grocery store, one side a post office and the back is a puppet theatre.  The kids said this picture of my feet sticking out the door reminded them of Wizard of OZ!

He was thrilled and played with it all evening!  At one point we were all in the dining room and he went into the living room and drug it across the room and down the hall to were we where.

Waiting for the mail.

It finally came!

Big enough for he whole family!


Jeanie said...

Great to find a toy that the whole family can play with. My grandkids have had those kind of tents and they are really fun. I love the pic with his little eyes looking out of the mail slot.

grammy said...

Kids do indeed love tents. He will enjoy it so much...and you made it even more fun (o:

Anonymous said...

Love those eyes looking through the mail slot. Just beautiful! LA