Thursday, May 26, 2011

Day Off

A few weeks ago, Tito had carpal tunnel surgery and I took a few days off.  One of those days, Kaiden came to visit.   
Since Tito couldn't drive, he thought he would help.  He wasn't too happy when I put him in his car seat.  When I have a day off, we usually go to $tarbucks as a treat.  But since we had Kaiden we decided to go somewhere more kid friendly.
He had a ball in a car his size.  Every time he would get in, he put on his imaginary seat belt! 
Playing peek a boo
We had some errands to run, and he helped Tito drive until

he found this wheelbarrow - then it was every man to himself!


Jeanie said...

He looks very serious about his driving in all the pictures.
Hang onto your hat, because he will be old enough to drive for real before you know it. It seems like my grandkids are growing up even faster than my own kids did.

grammy said...

You can always get a kiddie hot choc at Starbucks (o:
Did you buy the wheelbarrow???
He REALLY wanted
My baby boy (25) graduated from Police Acadamy yesterday...and got the top driver award...driving like a maniac (o:.... in police fashion.

Tonja said...

So glad you were able to take these pics...they are precious! He looks so cute in the car and in Tito's lap...but that's just no match for a wheelbarrow you can push by yourself! Cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute! Hope that David is healing well. LA