Friday, June 24, 2011


I spent four wonderful days with my friend, Fayette in Estes Park.  Fayette and I have been friends for almost 25 years.  We met when we were both single mothers and formed a wonderful friendship.  Several years ago life took Fayette to Florida and we do not see nearly enough of each other.  We spent the time doing puzzles, playing games, eating popcorn for dinner, drinking wine, laughing, staying up too late, shopping and relaxing in one of  my favorite places on earth.

There is a winery  by the river that we have always said we should stop in there someday but never have.  Fayette and I did and it was great.
We did a wine tasting

With this view to one side

And this to the other side


Jeanie said...

Estes Park is a great place for a getaway and it looks like you and your friend made the best of it.
The water looks really wild.

Dawn said...

Love love Estes Park - was there with good friends recently. Such a great place to reconnect.

And the water IS wild!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you and Fayette could spend time together relaxing in a beautiful place. Thank you for sharing the pictures! LA