Monday, July 4, 2011

Arm Flapping

The Colorado Symphony played an Independence Day concert last night at Civic Center Park.  We took a picnic and headed out in the late afternoon.  I am glad we got there when we did because it was packed and although we weren't real close we could still hear.

There were 3-D glasses for the light show.
While we waited for the concert to start, we played games

or painted with Auntie Carrie

we ate dinner and Kaiden had Cracker Jacks for the first time (he loved them)
played with Dad.
Finally, the concert started with patriotic music - Kaiden was mesmerized
Finally, the concert started and Kaiden was mesmerized throughout the 2 hours, watching the light show, listening.  I told him the man in front was the conductor and he watched him told me conductor makes music and flaps his arms!  He did not want to sit down until we showed him there were large screens that he could watch.  He was not sure about the fireworks.  At the very end when they got really loud he said he wanted to go to the car, he was scared.  He sure loved the music, though!

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grammy said...

he was so patient...
looks like a great time
we watched the town fire works and we were alone...seemed so wrong...but good to know I can still hang out with my man (o: