Thursday, October 20, 2011

Story Time

One of my fondest memories of my son's childhood is story time.  We always read before naps and bedtime.  I saved some of his favorite books and got some of them out this summer to read to Kaiden.
I read some of these so many times, I had them memorized and so did Nathan.  If I would try to hurry the story up a bit by skipping a few lines here or there, he knew it.  Long before he could read, he would flip through the books and tell you what was happening on each page.  The Richard Scary book has such wonderful illustrations and the imagination to create the "things that go" - a carrot car, a pickle truck, a eggmobile.  Kaiden loves the toothbrush and toothpaste cars.  This book also has a little "Goldbug" that hides on each page to find.  Kaiden will look and look until he finds him and is so delighted when he does.  He will chant "I think I can" with me while we read The Little Engine Who Could.

My favorite was always the Monster at the end of this Book, so when Kaiden crawled up in my lap and said "Gram can we read the Grover book", so of course we did.


Nathan said...

I love the Grover book too!

Jeanie said...

I love reading with the little ones too. We have read and loved all of those books also.

Tonja said...

How funny! We LOVED The Monster At the End...It was always the favorite. And, just last week, I bought a new one for Levi. I saw it printed on one of the hard board books. I can hardly wait till he can understand it!

Great minds think alike, you know!

grammy said...

I love reading to the kids
we had favorites too
my younger boys was also that R. Scary book. I saved it for him (o: