Wednesday, February 22, 2012


We had Kaiden for awhile on Saturday and went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch.  During lunch he had been singing "don't stop, don't give up, you'll get it right".  (I have been told it is a song from on the TV shows he watches).

The fortune cookies came and I showed him how to break it open and take the paper out and explained it was a fortune telling us something good.  Tito read his, then Kaiden looked at his and said it said

Don't Stop, Don't Give Up

I thought it was a pretty good fortune.


grammy said...

He's got the right idea (o:

Jeanie said...

Very cute picture. How amazing that the fortune had those word from his song.

Tonja said...

I'd take that fortune and put it in a frame and hang it on his wall! That's good advice, no matter how old he is!