Sunday, September 2, 2012

Gratitude #17

Last week we were at a restaurant and there was a maze on the children's menu.  I explained to Kaiden how he needed to draw a line from the start to the finish without drawing over the lines in the maze.  When his father was little, he would study and study the maze before he began drawing.  He would almost always be able to draw the line without any false turns.  When I would do mazes and would get to a dead end, I would carefully backtrack over the same line.  Kaiden picked up the crayon and started to draw, as soon as he got to a dead end, he took the crayon off the page and "jumped" over the line.  I did tell him not to draw "over" the lines and he didn't.  Sometimes he is so much like his father and other times his own personality shines through.  I am grateful for those times, for the reminders that he isn't just like his father, or just like me, or just like anyone else, but he is Kaiden.  A wonderful little boy.

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Jeanie said...

It is fun to see how they are like their parents in some ways and just so much themselves in others.