Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Gratitude # 24

Marilyn, Kathy and I went to high school together and we all turned 60 this year.  We planned our week long birthday celebration all year.  Kathy flew in from Washington state and we drove to Marilyn's home above Fort Collins.  We had a wonderful time for the 2 days we were together before I received news of my brother's death.  We stayed up late playing games, laughing, remembering, talking about our children, our grandchildren, the good times, the bad times.  Spending time with long-time friends is so comfortable, such a blessing and I am so grateful we had 2 days.  
 On the 2nd day we went into Fort Collins and walked around.  On our way back we saw these moose and quite a few deer.
 Mom and baby were running off, so they are pretty blurry.

We saw many deer, but this one was right beside the road and didn't run off when we stopped.

It was sad that I didn't get to stay the week, but am glad I did get to share 2 days with my long-time friends.

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