Sunday, August 11, 2013

Catch Up

 Things have been a little crazy around here the last month or so and I haven't made time to get a post done even if I did take the last 5 Fridays as vacation days to use some time I would have lost.  I used part of that time to catch up on some chores around the house that had been neglected due to my broken ankle.

Thankfully I am walking almost normally now.  In mid-July Tito and I went to Estes Park for a long weekend and did nothing but relax.  There was actually a double rainbow but I did not get pictures of it.
We celebrated Carrie's birthday with homemade ice cream.  You can't tell it from this picture but Kaiden was delighted with it and licked the bowl.
Trevin was pretty happy with it also. He is walking much better than I am!
Kaiden went to Vacation Bible School and really enjoyed all of it except for singing.  He stood or sat during the entire program without singing on word!

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Jeanie said...

You've been busy, but good-busy. Kaiden looks like he likes the ice cream but is not so happy about the picture-taking.