Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Memories

Kaiden and his family spent the day of his birthday at Boondocks and by the time Tito and I made it to his house that night he was already in his pajamas.

One of the presents we got for him was this book and I was able to read him a good night story.  He is so anxious to be able to read, he can pick out some words and is so proud of himself.  I know that there will be fewer and fewer moments like this with him as he starts school and friends and other pursuits will be more important to him than Gram, so I treasure them so.  

When we were leaving he handed me 3 of the tickets he had left from Boondocks - the kind you get as rewards for playing games and can spend at the gift shop.  He said these are for you to buy something nice.  

They did - a very sweet memory for Gram.

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