Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Part One

 We usually celebrate our family Easter on Saturday to accommodate other schedules.
Carrie drew bunny footprints
 up to the front porch.  Unfortunately it rained a couple hours later and washed it all away.
 We had our egg hunt.  I was so intent on following the boys around, I didn't get many pictures.  The adults are always very competitive in finding their eggs and baskets.
From the way these guys got into finding all their eggs and then helping find the rest of the adult eggs, I might need to set them against the adults next year.  This guy found our "prize egg" which I always hide in a difficult place.  His parents unselfishly agreed to hold onto the Starbucks gift card which was this year's prize.
 Then we opened the baskets or hats this year.

 We then colored eggs.
I am so glad that all my kids still enjoy doing these activities.

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Jeanie said...

It is fun to see "kids" of all ages having fun together.