Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Play

Kaiden took part in the church's Christmas play this year.  A first, he never wants to do things like this, but he volunteered this year.  The story line was a writer trying to come up with a new twist on the same story.  She threw around ideas such as telling the story making the characters more modern, such as super heros and villians, etc.  then she was visited by the characters who told the story from their eyes.  King Herod was protrayed as a mafia boss and the kings his henchman, Mary was shown at different ages, the devil tried to talk Joseph out of accepting Jesus.  It was a nice fresh twist.
The cast during a song.

Mom filming because Dad had to work and Trevin paying close attention waiting for his brother to appear.
Kaiden delivering the last line "Merry Christmas"

We are very proud of him.

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