Thursday, April 7, 2016

Spring Vacation

I was not able to take vacation during Kaiden's spring break, but the boys did stay at our house for 3 days so I did get to enjoy some time with both of them. My spring vacation was the week following so I did get to spend 2 days with Trevin (Tito takes care of him 2 days a week). The first day we had him after Easter, he wanted to hunt eggs again.

He is very good at finding the eggs and at hiding them for Tito, but not very good at keeping the hiding places a secret.  He kept telling me not to let Tito know their was an egg in his shoe.
Then when Tito didn't find one fast enough for him, he kept pointing to at while Tito kept looking everywhere else.  Trevin got a little frustrated over this.
I cleaned some closets and drawers that needed attention badly and Trevin helped me.  For some reason, I had wooden skewers scattered in drawers.  After we gathered them up, Trevin arranged them all pointed ends up so we could bundle them - such great concentration!

He then helped Tito put a rubber band around them to keep them together in the drawer.

After we got everything out of one drawer by our coffee pot and toaster we found grounds, crumbs and sugar.  He looked at it and said "that's disgusting", so I gave him the vacuum to clean it up.

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