Saturday, June 18, 2016


One of my favorite places is the Museum of Nature and Science and since we have taken the boys there so often, I think it is one of their favorites also.  We took them one day I was on vacation to see the special Robot exhibition.

 This robot waved, did karate chops, push-ups and several other movements.
 This robot played tic tac toe (it was a draw each time we played.  There was another one that played black jack.
 This robot moved and made content sounds when petted.
 These robots played soccer.
 They got to put together modules to do different things like turn on a light.
 They could program this bee to go around the track.
 Kaiden is building an electrical circuit with on and off switches that ran a fan or turned lights on.  He built a model of a stop light.
He is programming a figure to go from start to finish by writing in the number of spaces and turns that need to be made.  

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