Monday, October 20, 2008

29 Years Ago

It is rainy tonight just like it was 29 years ago tonight. We were getting ready to go to the hospital to welcome our baby, we got there at 8 pm and 8 hours later, our precious Nathan was born. I had such dreams about who he would be what he would do with his life. Of course, those were my dreams not his and what I had planned for him, didn't all come to pass. I never could have imagined what a wonderful person he has turned out to be. He is someone I not only love with all my heart but also like as a friend. I admire him for how he lives his life, his ideals and principles and how much he loves and respects his life. I know he will make a wonderful father.

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Anonymous said...


I bet Nathan was the tallest child ever. Kaiden might be too!


Helen, The grandparent experience must be scary and awesome. I like the skeletor looking pictures of Kaiden. Tres Chic and Halloween. Love it. I also really like the turquoise and brown color combo you Nathan and Stacy picked out. Good Stuff. CLE