Saturday, October 11, 2008

Bed Linens

A couple weeks ago, I went shopping with Nathan and Stacy to pick out fabric for bedding. Stacy knew the colors she wanted and I had a piece on hand that I had purchased for something I didn't make, so off we went. The first store we went to had nothing, but we found the main fabric (the patchwork on the bottom) at the second. I knew I had other pieces at home that would work for contrast, but we needed something for a bed skirt. We had no luck finding a solid brown or aqua that would work, so choose the natural linen-like piece. This weekend is dreary with rain and maybe even a little snow expected, so I am off to start sewing bed skirts, sheets, pad covers and maybe even a surprise.

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Anonymous said...

I lOOOVEE the colors she has picked out. Tres Chic. He will be stylin.