Sunday, July 19, 2009


Tom and Katie expect it; Brad and Angelina expect it; the Obama's expect it; Jon and Kate expect it, but did this family of three, expect some lady with a camera to approach them in the grocery store and start taking pictures of their child?
I'm sure they didn't. What has become of our world, when everyday people can't go about their everyday business without being hounded by paparazzi?
(It sure was a nice surprise to see them at the grocery store yesterday. And now that I have my new, pretty purple lightweight camera that doesn't feel like a brick in my purse, it might happen more often!)


Anonymous said...

you might consider a 24/7 armed baby guard. i am willing to be considered for the job but i cant pay you much for the honor. however i will take a bullet for the kid. love tito

grammy said...

How fun. The Grammy Paparazzi. Those are cute pics from your new camera.