Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Room with a view

I miss a lot of things about our old house, especially the yard. I miss the trees that gave me shaded areas of the yard to plant hostas and impatiens. I miss my shed. I miss my patio. I really miss my brick patio that we worked so hard to complete. But I did not have a view from my bedroom that looked like this at the old house. I love looking out every morning and seeing my flowers. The daisies have taken over and will be moved to another spot next year. They block the view and need to be in the back. Then I will be able to see my day lilies and the wildflowers that seed themselves at the back of the yard. I plan on putting something lower in their place. I need to investigate a different watering system - do not like the look of the nozzles. It is nice to know, there will be more garden work to do next year :)

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NanaNor's said...

Hi there, Love your view too. I miss the yard at my old house as well but adjusting to our ever changing weather here in CO. Have you survived all the storms as of late?
I just found out our neighbor has lots of Cosmos, so once we are moved they said they would give us some...that and we'll be buying trees-like Weeping Cherry, Dogwood etc. Have a wonderful week.