Monday, November 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, Tito

Happy Birthday to the only one I know with two birthdays. Until he was 20 years old , his birthday was celebrated on the 16th. Then came the day he applied for his first passport and his birth certificate listed his birthday as the 15th. He says he can still hear his mom arguing that he was born on the 16th! But in the end, his birthday is officially the 15th because that is what the official document says. I tend to believe his mother.

We actually celebrated yesterday. All of us went and had our picture taken at a studio - something he wanted and then came back to the house for a family dinner. It was a good day.

Happy Birthday, my love.


grammy said...

Happy Birthday Tito.
I have two nieces who have Birthdays tomorrow. They are two years apart, born on the same day. I don't think they ever really liked sharing a day(o:
How fun to have family pictures taken. It seems silly to do that right now for our family, because we have a daughter close to getting married and then a 23 year old unmarried son too. Sure we will take the kind you have someone snap for you...those are hard enough to get everyone together in a huddle, I can imagine it being official (o:
Hope you show us one.
Glad the snow is melting off fast. It was pretty, but it can leave now (o:

Tonja said...

I have an aunt who was born on Feb.29, and she always sid she had a birthday only once every 4 years!

So glad you got family pics made! It is something you will treasure as well as your children and grandchildren!