Friday, June 11, 2010

I Want To Remember

I want to remember

How he lifts his shirt to show us his Panza (Spanish for tummy).
How he shows us his nose and honks because that is the sound Tito makes when you squeeze his nose.
How he can't quite figure out why Tito's nose doesn't make that sound in church.
How he smiles when we hold hands to say prayer before a meal.
How I find his blocks in cupboards and under things after he has been here.
How he walks around with is hands behind his back.
How he "smells flowers". (He opens his mouth, blows and then says ahh).
How he shutters when he first tastes a pickle, but continues to eat them and wants more.
How he dances.
How he goes to the stairs whenever he hears Tito coming up in his chair.
How he puts the remote or a camera or his shoe to his ear and says "Hi".
How he keeps taking one shoe off.
How he smiles.
How he laughs.
How he smells.
How he interacts with people, developing his sweet little personality.
How he is figuring out the world around him - he recognizes people in pictures, knows pushing buttons makes things work, etc.
How he will walk out of the room and say "bye".
Even how he throws a temper tantrum. It is quite comical.

I know there are so many things about Nathan at this age that I don't remember. I looked at his baby book a couple months ago and read what he was doing and saying when he was a year old and was surprised how many things I hadn't thought of in years. I started this blog because I don't scrapbook. I tried and it just isn't me. I hope by writing these everyday things down, I will remember.


Jeanie said...

I think this is a great way to remember and I love the things you wrote about wanting to remember today.

grammy said...

I think it is a great way to save it and remember (o:
You could have it copied in a blog book
loved all the cute things he wrote about