Sunday, August 22, 2010

It's Been Crazy

It has been crazy around here the past few weeks. I have been working insane hours. Our brother-in-law, Roger came from California to meet Tito and his two brothers for a camping/fishing trip. While they were gone, I deep cleaned the house trying to get organized for our next big adventure.

Tito's first rotator cuff surgery (he will have the other one done after this one completely heals). It is supposed to be a fairly minor surgery with a 6-8 week healing process. But when your mobility is dependent upon having two arms to use crutches, hold your balance and move your wheelchair around, it is a whole other story. Since he cannot use crutches for 6 weeks, he will be mostly home bound unless I am here.

The surgery went well and we are so thankful. My dear friend, Janice, came and sat with me at the hospital on her birthday. That is what I call a great friend. Thank you so much!
Since he saw his Tito using the ice bag, he thought he needed to also!


Jeanie said...

I love that last cute.
I hope the surgery heals well. It must be hard knowing there is another one coming up. I'm glad you had a good friend with you during the surgery.

Tonja said...

Bless your have had it rough, haven't you? Sounds as if you need a day or two just for you! But, that just doesn't happen in my world...does it yours? Sure hope Tito gets along OK with his surgery. I imagine he is quite homebound without the use of one arm.
Sweet baby with that ice pack! I bet he could help take care of Tito! He's so precious!
Hope things slow down for you and that you get some rest!

grammy said...

that must be tuff
good luck and blessings to you both
was the surgery after camping? I hope (o:
somebodies trying to steel the show (o: Cute

Anonymous said...

Sending lots of prayers to you both! Tito, we pray that the healing is swift and complete. Our love to you both, Jim and Lynda