Wednesday, August 25, 2010


  • Kaiden has really started to notice everything around him. He is looking at water going down the gutter which he found very amusing.
  • He recognizes sounds, like an airplane and has to look when he hears one.
  • He points to things he doesn't know and picks up on the words pretty quickly. It took one time to show him the moon and now he looks for it every time he is outside.
  • He knows when you pray and say Amen, it is time to eat.
  • He remembers where his toys are kept at our house (the cookies too!).
  • He wants to do everything you do and repeats most things he hears. Having a little sponge like that around makes you very aware of what you do and say.


Jeanie said...

They are learning so much every minute at that age and it is very fun to watch.

Tonja said...

Precious thing! That is such a delightful time. How fun to ask what this sounds like and that sounds like! Do you have him some of the wonderful books available that talk about sounds? I am a crazy for children's literature!