Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spanish Lesson

Tito has been speaking Spanish to Kaiden since he was born.  Kaiden now will ask for agua por favor" in his water bottle and say gracias when you give it to him.  Tito is verry happy!


Jeanie said...

Muy bien. It will be great for Kaiden as he gets older to speak two languages.

Tonja said...

How wonderful! My friend, Shirl, was a high school Spanish teacher for 25 years. All her grandchildren are learning Spanish along with English! I think that is the easiest way to teach them.
Loved the previous post with the puzzle pieces! So true!

grammy said...

I think that is great.
My son learned Spanish while living in Ecuador. He was very fluent....he hardly ever uses it anymore. He has four little girls he could teach.