Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt

The kids and their friends, Katja and Mike with their daughter Mia came over Saturday to color eggs and have an Easter egg hunt.

 Kaiden had just dropped his egg into the dye

We had a hunt for the big kids first, it is a very competitive hunt as there are prizes involved as well as bragging rights for who finds their eggs first, their basket first, finishes fastest, etc.  We find a way to make everything a competition.  We then had eggs for the little ones.

 Mia was happy with playing with the first one she found and didn't bother to find more.
Playing after the hunt.


grammy said...

Look at those snazzy glasses he's wearing (o:
I bet you all had a ball.

Dawn said...

Looks like a fun time - love the pictures.

So you were born in Loveland! Amazing. I love Benson Park, too. It is unique. And the view can't be beat! Our parsonage (when we had a parsonage, before pastors began buying their own homes) is right across the street, so we always went there to watch the fireworks on July 4 - the whole church would come. It was fun. But then the trees got to big, and then our pastors didn't live there any more. But great memories.