Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

He did not want his picture taken this morning - this is the best I could get.  He is holding a bubble wand from the Easter basket his Godparents gave him at church.


grammy said...

So sweet.
I just read the last post and...he has your sweet. Nathan too. I love those old pictures. The Black and white have lasted better than the color ones from the 70's. I need to make copies befor they tottaly fade away. Remember this...the glasses were in style...and coming back (o:

Dawn said...

He looks spiffy indeed!

I looked at your Easter memories post - I recently did a post about all of my Easter outfits over the years - I should look it up and re-post it.

I had those glasses, too! The 70s were a time of lots of strange styles!

Jeanie said...

Cute picture, even though he didn't want it taken. We had a little trouble getting pictures today her too.

Tonja said...

That's OK, he's still just as cute!