Sunday, August 28, 2011


Today was a free day at the Museum of Nature &
 Science (one of my favorite places), so we packed a picnic lunch and went after church.
From the time we entered the door and Kaiden saw the dinosaur bones on display overhead he was thrilled. 
Except for the mountain lion that roars when you put money in its mouth.  He didn't like this at all - just like his father at that age.
This was in the 'hands on' discovery zone for the kids.  There was air blowing up and he had just caught one of the scarfs that you can put on to see how high they fly.
He told me dinosaurs have long necks and go "roooar".
He was running around looking at all the dioramas of the animals asking questions, telling us stories about them - that is the mommy and the daddy and the babies.  He had a ball.  And we had a wonderful time watching him. 


Jeanie said...

What a great place....lots of fun and lots to learn. It looks like Kaiden loved it.

Dawn said...

Looks like a very fun day. I remember the roaring money collector at our museum in Denver too. Haven't geen there for awhile, though Grandpa has taken the big girls.

Tonja said...

This sounds like such a fun day! How fun to watch him see all these things. But, boy, is he getting big? No baby anymore!

grammy said...

loooks great
I need to look for the free things like that....
it is so different to take 4 or 6 of them (o: