Sunday, December 11, 2011

Colorado Christmas

Our big Christmas gift this year was the symphony for Colorado Christmas.  It was a wonderful program with the symphony, the Colorado Chorale group and the Colorado Children's Choir.  The music and the singing were beautiful.  Kaiden was enthralled and was so good.  Some of the highlights for me:

During Handel's hallelujah chorus he was singing hallelujah forever and ever Amen.  Later on in the car he sang hallelujah whatever.  We all chuckled.

I was singing along with Silver Bells and he told me not to sing because it was their turn (the children on the stage).  A minute later, he told me it was my turn.

There was a reading of The Night Before Christmas (with great music back up - the theme to Tom and Jerry after the line "not a creature was stirring"; the theme to Mission Impossible after the line "he spoke not a word but went straight to his work").  Kaiden  said "that's my story, you read to me; DaDa read to me.

Then the grand finale - Santa Claus is Coming to Town - with a guitar playing dancing Santa - just like Papa (Stacy's Dad plays the guitar).  And Santa looked our direction and waved.  Kaiden says he waved at him and said Ho Ho Ho!

We went to Carrie & Dave's (or as Kaiden says "Auntie Carrie's place") for coffee and cookies. 

It was a great evening.  A great Chirstmas present.  A great memory.


Jeanie said...

What a great event to attend. It sounds like Kaiden really had a good time. He looks very cute all dressed up.

Dawn said...

Where was that held - in Denver? Sounds like a wonderfully fun evening!

Forty Pound Sack said...

Sounds like a wonderful time!

NanaNor's said...

Hi there, That sounds like a wonderful gift for the family and I love that you also have a "Carrie". We are giving one of our families-our Carrie, a day of snowshoeing up in the park.
Thanks for sharing the photos.

grammy said...

What great fun...
I love to hear about what everybody does for Christmas.
I see he is eating a Pizzelle... I need to make some. I always plan on giving them out but everybody eats them before the neighbors get any (o:

Tonja said...

Hallelujah whatever! That sounds like a [retty good slogan to me. Whatever comes...just keep praising! I know it was a wonderful night. What special memories you have of that time together! Bet the music was beautiful!

What a great idea to buy only USA items. I bet it was hard. Isn't that a shame? It should be the other way around!

Enjoy this week before Christmas...peace and joy to you and yours!