Saturday, March 17, 2012

Graditude #4

My gratitude #4 is the pot of gold I found with this group of women. We play Bunco once a month and it is usually just what I need.  An evening full of laughter and love.  We have been through so much, weddings, divorces, births, deaths and we all know that we have support in this group.  We have been playing together for so long that some of the children have grown up and now play with us.  We met last night and found  a leprechaun!
This is my friend, Jean.  She works in an oncologists office and they went all out yesterday.  She brought a little bit of the green for all of us.  
Shamrock glasses.
Blinking necklaces.
Bracelets, pins and headbands.  Babs already had her hat!  I am so thankful for this amazing group of women and look forward to a wonderful night with them each month.

This morning I happened to think, Jean lives on Rainbow Dr.!

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