Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gratitude #5

About a week after my battery went dead in the Church parking lot, it did it again.  This time in front of Nathan and Stacy's house.  I am grateful that it is now fixed and if it had to do it again, it was in a place where help was readily available.  While Nathan was hooking up the jumper cables, I stood with Kaiden who kept asking "Gram, do you need gas?"

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grammy said...

I hardly ever miss commenting on a post here...but I just caught up. Great party with friends. Makes me want to try it. I have my hubby the mechanic that gets calls like!!! He works close and I stay in town, so I am covered. Glad you got it fixed.
I am sure Kaiden loves his Grandpas stories (o:

I hate filling in the long word verifications... I almost always have to do it more than once (o: