Wednesday, April 11, 2012


He wanted his tie outside his vest.  He put the stickers on his face and vest.  We tucked his shirt in too many times to count.  He looks so grown up to me in this picture.  Where did those chubby cheeks go?  
Waiting for the egg hunt with his buds,

He got off to a slow start because he had to stop and show everyone that he found one!

Going through his loot with Mom while Dad watches
Instead of a basket this year, I put his Easter gifts in the bicycle helmet Tito found for him.


Jeanie said...

He looks very cute whether the tie is in our out....and it looks like he had lots of fun. There is still a little "chubby" left in his cheeks :)

grammy said...

He is getting so grown up (o:
Love the Easter pictures and the helmet is a good idea for a basket.

Tonja said...

Oh my! He is getting to look so growny! But still just as cute as a bug! Loved your idea of an Easter basket! Clever girl!

As a Baptist, I'm not familiar with First Communion, though I have heard the term often. But, it sounds as if your pastor is very wise. I know that if we quench the interest a child has, it might do extreme harm in his future spiritual growth. Even if he doesn't understand it all...he is learning, and watching the examples of his family. That's what is putting that so important foundation for later growth in place. Such a cute remark about the Hot Juice!