Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

We had Christmas with the kids last Sunday after church. When everyone got there there was a sign on the front door - no entry go through garage. This did not set well with Kaiden. He kept asking me why no entry - why do we have to go through the garage?
When we got into the house there were strings everywhere including across the front door.  Christmas stockings were hidden at the end of each string.  
Everyone had to follow their string, winding it up as they went until they found their stocking.
The best pictures of this process are on Tito's camera as I was helping Kaiden with his string.  But for some reason I cannot download the pics.  The strings went under furniture, under pillows, around and around door knobs, down the stairs and even outside.  Kaiden was thrilled that his went under a rug, down the stairs and around his motorcycle before he found his in the bathtub.
After opening the stockings (which look a lot like bags this year),which Kaiden was more than happy to help with, we had brunch and then opened presents.
Kaiden played Santa and passed out the gifts (the pics are on Tito's camera).  He was also more than glad to help opening the packages.  When he gave me my present from his family he told me "I can't tell you what is in it until after you open it."  

As they were leaving he told me again, "I don't like no entry go through garage".  I told him the string was in the way and we couldn't get in.  He said he could, which he was probably right.  While everyone else was stooping and crawling and stepping over and under strings, he just whizzed right through.

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Jeanie said...

What a fun thing to do You are right that Kaiden could have probably gone through the front door and been just fine.