Sunday, May 26, 2013

Long Time Friends

We had a lovely brunch today with some long time friends of mine.  (I started to say old friends, but that didn't sound right - they are both younger than I am)!  I worked with Lynda many years ago, more years that I care to admit. Neither one of us had children back then. She and her husband, Jim, have been wonderful friends all these years. They were so good to Nathan and I in the first years after my divorce. I will always love them for how supportive of Nathan they have always been. They now live in California so I don't get to see them near enough. I didn't get pictures of them together, but just these with Trevin.

Thank you for being such good friends.


Jeanie said...

It must have been wonderful for them to see you and Nathan with your family now.

Anonymous said...

It was truly wonderful to spend time with you all. Thank you so very much! Love and miss you guys always. LA