Thursday, May 9, 2013

So I Will Remember

Kaiden says so many amazing things (at least his Gram thinks so) and I know that I will forget.  So I will remember  here are a few...

April was Stewardship month at church and the children's sermons have dealt with tithing.  The first Sunday each child was given ten pennies and asked to put one in a container for God; one in a bank to save and the remaining were theirs to keep.  That first day, Kaiden did not want to give up any of the pennies.  With a little persuasion he did.  The next Sunday he was a little quicker to add his pennies to the jug.  The last Sunday they were asked to bring their offering to add - he was first in line and gave his father a thumbs up.  (I was so proud).  One of these Sundays I gave him a few coins as a reward and told him this one is a nickel, this one is a dime, this one is a penny.  He looked at me and said "Which one is a coin"?

While I have had my cast on, I have not been going to the rail but Pastor has brought communion to me.  Kaiden wanted to know why and I explained it was because since I couldn't walk without a walker or crutches I am slow and it was just easier this way.  He looked at me and said "You could crawl (and he demonstrated) but that would be slower".

One night he told me we were out of Cuties.  I told him I knew but we had oranges.  He told me he couldn't eat oranges because his mouth was too little.

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Jeanie said...

You are smart to write down the things he says....they will be fun to look back at some day. I love the one about the Cuties.