Friday, December 26, 2008


We had a wonderful Christmas and hope you did too. Tito is home from rehab and is doing great. He was not up for attending Christmas Eve service, so Nathan, Stacy and I went. Before we left the house I presented them the bedding I finally almost finished (I still need to do a little quilting). This picture doesn't show them, but there are more sheets in the color scheme.

On Christmas day, Nathan, Stacy, Carrie and Dave were here for brunch and gifts. They then went to their other families, friends for the afternoon. It wasn't too long for Tito and he took a long nap after they left. We are all looking forward to Kaiden being here next Christmas, he will be about 11 months old. He received gifts from Dave, Grandpa Jerry and this one from Nathan's boss. What happens at Grandma's house, stays at Grandma's house!

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Anonymous said...

Christmas was so fun. Kaiden looks huge, and we are all psyched to see him arrive. That fabulous little cutie! Stacy and Nathan gave me an ultrasound picture (the only one that did not freak me out for Christmas. It is awesome. One long spine. It is so neat. It looks like it came strait out of the ocean at the start of evolution. Great.