Sunday, December 7, 2008

Contest - Great Prize

Tito had knee replacement surgery on Thursday. He is doing well - his rehab slow but sure. We left the house early on Thursday as it was snowing quite hard at the time. The roads were not as bad as expected and we got to the hospital early and had time to browse in the gift shop. During the surgery, I went back and bought this little guy. This is the first thing I have really purchased for the baby (other than material for the bedding). I plan on keeping it at our house for Kaiden. Tito thinks he should be named Uncle Traveling Giraffe. This is his nod to Fraggle Rock (he is still disappointed the baby his not going to be called Gobo!). I think he should be Claudio. So we are having a contest - enter your suggestion in the comments section or e-mail them to me. Tito promises an autographed picture of him with the giraffe. How could you pass that up?


Anonymous said...

In going with the "Fraggle Rock" theme, I think he should be named 'Doozer the Red'.

Dave votes for 'DOG'.

Did we win?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with my aunt - I like Claudio. Monique

Anonymous said...

Smiling Companion - Aunt Grandma

Anonymous said...

We vote for Claudio. =)

Nathan & Stacy