Tuesday, December 30, 2008

And the winner is...

Tito selected Claudio. Since Monique was the first one to agree with my choice, she will receive an autographed picture of Tito and Claudio. And since Nathan whined, he and Stacy will receive a copy also.


Anonymous said...

I'm boycotting and protesting this decision. I vote that the winning name is "Uncle Traveling Giraffe". I will find a way to sneak a picture of my dad "Tito" with the giraffe in question. I will also secretly call him "Uncle Traveling Giraffe" as in retrospect, I've decided that it is better then the name I originally came up with. ....do I get extra votes for being family?

Anonymous said...

....Carrie wants the giraffe for herself...I keep telling her that's not ok. Please give her a picture so she'll drop it.