Sunday, March 8, 2009

Baptism Day

Kaiden was baptised today. Friends and family met at church for the service and the baptism. Afterwards we hosted coffee hour for the church family is now a part of, then it was off to our house for brunch for 20! (Thank you Janice for all your help and Jerry for the champagne)!Kaiden surprised his parents by sleeping and not crying through the service, the baptism and all the pictures that followed. We are truly blessed to have this grandchild, our children, our church, our family and friends. Too often, we wait until an occasion like this to give thanks when we should be thanking God each and every day! The cake for coffee hour
Pastor with St. John's newest member. The rose was placed on the baptismal font by John and Janice (Kaiden's Godparents). John's mother (a dear, wonderful woman) did the same thing for both of their boys at their baptisms and Janice is continuing the tradition.

The parents and Godparents

Kaiden and all the cousins

Kaiden, Dad and Grandad
The only picture I have on my camera of Kaiden with all the grandparents did not turn out. Please someone send me a copy!
It was a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

Loved all the pictures. Kaiden is about as cute as one little guy can be. I told you your life would change - nobody believes me until it happens to them. Glad your birthday took a happy turn and you had such a good time. Stacy looks wonderful. Fayette