Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Birthday Package

My Birthday was almost 2 weeks ago, but the celebration continues! This package was waiting for me when we arrived on Monday. The card has a picture of me on the scooter we rode at John & Janice's and says 'May your life be one big joy ride'.

The basket was filled with martini makings and snacks. We have had happy hour every day we have been here. Thank you again Gary and Vivien!
Janice brought the tulips to me on Sunday at the baptism brunch. I brought them along to enjoy! We are blessed with so many wonderful caring friends!

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Anonymous said...

I remember several years back when you were sad, because you missed Fayette (I hope I spelled her name right). You prayed for friends. God blessed you with friends. Real, true, and good friends. There are several things that I look at when I think of God, one of them being that you prayed-we all prayed-that you would feel happier and find great friendships....he totally answered. It's pretty awesome.