Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have posted this picture of my dining room wall before, but have a story about my Mama and two of the doilies (its actually a story about my Dad also).

My Dad worked for the Great Western Sugar factory during the winter when there wasn't as much work on the farm. Sugar bags used to have a sown strip across the top and you would pull the string to open the bag. This was done on a machine at the sugar mill. When the spools of thread would get down to a certain point where there was not enough thread left to finish a run, they would be changed out and discarded. During World War II when so many things were rationed, my father would pick the spools up and bring them home. My Mama used this leftover string to crochet doilies like the one in the upper left corner.
She did things like this all the time - taking something ordinary and making it into something special.

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Tonja said...

I love how you have those doilies framed! I think it is so important to preserve great pieces that we have . These will be enjoyed for many years to come!
Good for you!