Sunday, May 9, 2010

I'm the Mom

This is so much fun. I actually saw her do this at a Women of Faith weekend in Denver. They brought an oxygen tank onto the stage and told her they were betting on whether she would be able to get through this in the thin mile high air.



Beca said...

Hi! You stopped by my blog last week for the bird cage giveaway! Just wanted to say hi and thanks! Love the stories on here about your mom! Those doilies are great! What a cool story! Feel free to stop by my Etsy shop this week...I'm having a big sale! :) I'll be keeping your blog in my bookmarks!

grammy said...

That was a lot of fun
I have not been to women of faith in a long time
but I went every year for a long time
needed a break (o:
there is always something great going on there (o:

grammy said...

Oh by the way...I loved the stories about the quilt and the doll clothes and the string your Dad brought home
Was it the Great Western in Longmont
or was there more than one