Friday, May 7, 2010

Quilts and Doll Clothes

Continuing remembering my Mama this week before Mother's Day, I wanted to share some of her handiwork. She was always sewing - made all of our clothes on a treadle sewing machine. All three of us girls learned to sew on that machine. I can remember the frustration of learning the rhythm of the treadle so it didn't break your thread. It was so easy to sew when I took Home Ec at school and there were electric sewing machines. I have her sewing machine and could probably still sew on it if I had to, but use my trusty Kenmore I have had for almost 40 years. The quilt at the back is my baby quilt. The one at the bottom is the quilt my Mama made when I was married. She made all of us a quilt and crocheted a tablecloth for wedding gifts. There are many memories in this quilt because of the fabrics. There is a block with the fabric from the dress I wore the first day of school!. The two smaller quilts were made for my dolls.

These are some of the clothes she made for my dolls. I received them as a Christmas gift one year. I never appreciated the detail she put into these until after she was gone. Look at the scalloped collar and border on the purple dress. The square dance dress has tiny rick rack sewn by hand and a rhinestone on the color. The coat is fully lined.

She must have loved me very much!

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