Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

Another list of things I want to remember... How he goes all around the house naming everything - chair, pillow, ball, book, banana, etc

How he looks when you say "Can you say please?" and he nods his head yes, but won't say it

How he meticulously uses his spoon to get all the soup broth out of his bowl

How he says "It's hot" for all his food. (I think since everyone has been telling him that for months when he is given food - he associates hot for food)

How he studied the neighbor's Halloween display and called the ghosts - monkeys

How he names all the people he knows - MaMa, DaDa, Tito, Carrie, Hat, Josh, Becky, Shari, Emmett, but no Gram yet

How he put this pillow on the floor, put his head down and said Nite Nite.


grammy said...

He is really starting to say a lot of words
My Grands all called me Ma or Mama for the longest time....

Tonja said...

Oh, isn't tht funny thaat he hasn't said your name yet? Wonder why? I know it just has to be the greatest blessing to watch these little changes as he grows and becomes bolder and more self aware.conabl