Thursday, October 7, 2010

Week in Review

We made it up the mountains last Saturday and were able to see some of the aspen colors. The trees were past their peak - quite a few had already lost their leaves. But it was a beautiful day and I never tire of seeing the bright gold among the pines.

We had brunch on Sunday to celebrate Stacy's birthday. Kaiden found a bottle of bubbles and we had to go outside so he could blow bubbles. Tito and I are amazed each week the changes in this little boy.

I brought out Halloween decorations. The jack-o-lantern in the middle is one I made several years ago. It has been laying in my sewing room since last year. I didn't pack it away after Halloween last year because I intended to make one for Carrie and Stacy. Well, I finished them on Saturday night to have Stacy's ready on Sunday. Carrie - yours is sitting on the dining room table waiting for you.


Jeanie said...

Good fun with the bubbles. I had a bubblefest with one of my 2 year old granddaughters this week.

Tonja said...

Cute little jack-o-lanterns.
Oh, this is such a great pic of you and the little man! Your smile shows how much you adore your role as Gram!